Thursday, September 8, 2016

New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud

This was my second time visiting New Zealand, my first New Zealand trip was back in 2013 and it was kind of my dad's business trip. At that time I didn't knew much about New Zealand, I just knew that it has of two main islands; the north and the south. Later, early June 2016, I did some Googlings and much more tour and flight bookings later... I find myself settled for my trip to both north and south part of New Zealand with my sister.

Me, standing in front of Moeraki Boulders--the rocks on the beach are in a round shape somehow.

New Zealand was cold, August was their winter already. I'm used to feel the heat from Indonesia's everyday summer, yet it was my first snow and below 10 degree, so I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know it would be *that* cold, I didn't bring much thights and all I bring was jeans. But I thank god that I decided to buy matching pair of boots and backpack, they're in grey and bluish colour.

My long and exhausting flights started from Jogjakarta to Malaysia, Malaysia to Gold Coast, Gold Coast to Auckland, and finally, Auckland to Wellington. All flights are using AirAsia since I'm on a budget and continued using JetStar (p.s. order the meat pie or the chocolate muffin, its extremely good!). With flight that long, make sure you didn't order the same food, you'll get sick of aeroplane foods eventually!

Starting from Wellington--Christchurch--Franz Josef--Queenstown--Dunedin--Ohau--and back at Christchurch, all the places has its story. My personal favourite would be Franz Josef because it was my very first snow and helicopter ride experience and also their Rainforest Retreat (my lodge) is the dream place for a getaway! My second favourite's followed by Queenstown because of their famous Ferg Burger. I don't know what they add in to the burger but it was very good, the burger was juicy, big in size, and it was well cooked, it made me come back every day for my three days stay in Queenstown.

Franz Josef Rainforest Retreat
46 Cron St, Franz Josef 7886, New Zealand
Two minutes walk from the town centre, this casual suites and rustic log cabins offer flat-screen TVs, sitting areas and kitchenettes. They also provides bar, casual dining room, and spa.

New Zealand's known for their meat pies, my personal favourite would be the steak and cheese. Queenstown's famous Ferg Burger I swear its HUGE!

My two weeks trip frankly had to end. I enjoy every bit of my stay in New Zealand. I dare myself to bungy jump from Kawarau Bridge, I went for a 4km walk to see the only place where a rainforest is snowing and both their Franz Josef and Fox Glacier, I went on a helicopter ride, I went for Speight's brewery tour, I even went to Lord of the Ring's set in 

Glennorchy, but most of all, I met new friends from all over the world. I recommend you to use Contiki as your travel partner if you're on a budget and you want to do things out of your comfort zone.

Franz Josef Glacier is one of the dream goals: although the helicopter ride might be a bit pricey, there will always be another choices to go to the ice. Try the Ice Explorer, the tour will start depends on the weather forecast.

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